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744-14223 Montage Firebrick 744-14233 Montage Red Rock 744-25063 Montage Indigo Batik 744-33373 Montage Alpaca 744-35553 Montage Ol Penny
Montage Firebrick Montage Red Rock Montage Indigo Batik Montage Alpaca Montage Ol Penny
744-35563 Montage Cord 744-35573 Montage Acacia 744-35583 Montage Oakmoss 744-35593 Montage String 744-35673 Montage Cinnamon Toast
Montage Cord Montage Acacia Montage Oakmoss Montage String Montage Cinnamon Toast
744-43243 Montage Balsam 744-43253 Montage Sorrel 744-50393 Montage Horseradish 744-52173 Montage Wax 744-56303 Montage Silver Ash
Montage Balsam Montage Sorrel Montage Horseradish Montage Wax Montagelver Ash
744-60873 Montage Gris 744-60883 Montage Cast Iron 744-00513 Montage White Marble 744-14393 Montage Tobacco Brown 744-14423 Montage Red
Montage Gris Montage Cast Iron Montage White Marble Montage Tobacco Brown Montage Red
744-14453 Montage Vivid Punch 744-26543 Montage Bluestone 744-27863 Montage Blue Graphite 744-27873 Montage Provence 744-35723 Montage Jojoba
Montage Vivid Punch Montage Bluestone Montage Blue Graphite Montage Provence Montage Jojoba
744-35733 Montage Alfalfa 744-36473 Montage Cardamom 744-36513 Montage Tarmac 744-43493 Montage Grasshopper 744-43503 Montage Jalapeno
Montage Alfalfa Montage Cardamom Montage Tarmac Montage Grasshopper Montage Jalapeno
744-52783 Montage Silver Birch 744-53453 Montage Gull 744-53483 Montage Beechnut 744-53493 Montage Ghost 744-53503 Montage Ganache
Montagelver Birch Montage Gull Montage Beechnut Montage Ghost Montage Ganache
744-72313 Montage Bluegrass 744-73323 Montage Chimera 744-82663 Montage Chutney 744-82673 Montage Orange Pepper 744-93053 Montage Passion Fruit
Montage Bluegrass Montage Chimera Montage Chutney Montage Orange Pepper Montage Passion Fruit
744-93533 Montage Mulled Wine 744-25033 Montage Copen Blue
Montage Mulled Wine Montage Copen Blue

Montage is one of the many collections within Uf Select, a curated range of timeless tones and textures engineered to make inspired designs and quick turnarounds feel effortless.

Crafted exclusively with our hand-picked and trusted mill partner in North America, the innovative performance and comfort of Ultrafabrics is now more accessible than ever.

This versatile range is ideal for applications across accessories, hospitality, residential, automotive and workplace.