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Tottori Rouge Tottori Shibori Blue Tottori Hot Spring Tottori Blue Mirage Tottori Udon
601-3280 601-3297 601-3300 601-3348 601-3386
Tottori Tatami Mat Tottori Soy Sauce Tottori Terrain Tottori Ginseng Tottori Desert Dune
601-3400 601-3418 601-4312 601-5020 601-5033
Tottori Soba Tottori Origami White Tottori Lichen Tottori Black Sesame Tottori Sand Castle
601-5037 601-5998 601-9362 601-4346
Tottori Classic Grey Tottori Rice Paper Tottori Orchid Tottori Dark Spruce

Distinct. Matte. Earthy.

Inspired by the windswept landscape of the Tottori Sand Dunes in Japan, Ultraleather® | Tottori delivers a stylish rendition of a timeless, leather-like grain. Reinforcing the tactile experience with its incredibly robust, granular texture and soft, supple hand, Tottori is an intelligent, high-performance Ultrafabric, meticulously designed and built to last.