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740-13943 740-25123 740-25143 740-33793 740-34063
Lino Plum Wine Lino Independence Lino Bosporous Lino Hearth Lino Trunk
740-34463 740-34513 740-43303 740-43313 740-43323
Lino Cider Lino Haystack Lino Verde Lino Grannyith Lino Jadite
740-43373 740-50143 740-50193 740-58733 740-65783
Lino Pine Nut Lino Ore Linoad Lino Coin Lino Wigwam
740-82593 740-82603 740-82613 740-00503
Lino Carrot Lino Adobe Red Lino Yarrow Lino White Marigold

Lino is one of the many collections within Uf Select, a curated range of timeless tones and textures engineered to make inspired designs and quick turnarounds feel effortless.

Crafted exclusively with our hand-picked and trusted mill partner in North America, the innovative performance and comfort of Ultrafabrics is now more accessible than ever.

This versatile range is ideal for applications across accessories, hospitality, residential, automotive and workplace.