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RC-2111 BC Tropicale, Balustrade Cap Pale greens, shrimp pink on white RC-2112 BC Tropicale, Balustrade Cap Greens, whites on sky blue RC-2113 BC Tropicale, Balustrade Cap Green, coral, yellow on beiges shaded sunset RC-2203 B Corinthian Pilaster Grays, metallic gold on white

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RC-5781 Villa Grande Ground Black RC-5782 Villa Grande Ground Blue RC-5783 Villa Grande Ground Orange RC-5784 Villa Grande Ground Red RC-5785 Villa Grande Ground Brown
RC-5786 Villa Grande Ground Dark Green RC-5787 Villa Grande Ground Gray RC-5788 Villa Grande Ground Light Green RC-5789 Villa Grande Ground Wheat RC-5790 Villa Grande Ground Yellow
RC-5791 Villa Grande Ground Purple RC-1316 Silk Moire Charcoal RC-1317 Silk Moire White RC-5501 Silk Textures RC-5502 Silk Textures
RC-5503 Silk Textures RC-5504 Silk Textures Cinnamon RC-5505 Silk Textures RC-5506 Silk Textures Sandalwood RC-5507 Silk Textures Blush
RC-5508 Silk Textures Smoky cream RC-5509 Silk Textures Fawn RC-5510 Silk Textures Stone Gray RC-5511 Silk Textures Celadon RC-5512 Silk Textures Dark chocolate
RC-5513 Silk Textures Raison RC-5514 Silk Textures Bronze RC-5515 Silk Textures RC-5516 Silk Textures RC-5517 Silk Textures Warm smoke
RC-5518 Silk Textures RC-5519 Silk Textures RC-5520 Silk Textures Vanilla RC-5521 Silk Textures Fawn RC-5522 Silk Textures Bronze
RC-5523 Silk Textures RC-5524 Silk Textures RC-5525 Silk Textures RC-5526 Silk Textures Pumpkin RC-2003 G Chinoiserie 1 Ground Greens, coral reds on white
RC-2004 G Chinoiserie 1, Ground Greens, coral reds on beige RC-2005 G Chinoiserie 1, Ground Greens, white on peach RC-2025 G Palms, Ground Natural colors on white RC-2049 G Palace Porcelains, Ground Turquoise, greens on white RC-2050 G Palace Porcelains, Ground Plain ground
Founded in the late 1940’s Robert Crowder and Company is a fully integrated design and manufacturing firm specializing in the Hospitality Industry. Our company is an abundantly staffed design firm capable of designing from the ground up which provides clients with a truly one of a kind wallcovering. The majority of production includes some form of hand processed techniques including silk screening.
Our firm has extensive experience working with independent designers as well as large scale design, decorating, and architectural firms. Our portfolio of projects includes modest residential plans all the way up to large budget hotel projects.
Although the Firm prides itself on providing a fully custom design and production service, Robert Crowder and Company has an extensive product line, which includes collections of wallcovering design and textures that span nearly 50 years. The collection ranges from traditional classic to contemporary and everything in between. The designs showcased on this website are only a snippet of our full product line which includes literally thousands of designs. We strive towards bringing out new designs to the market daily. Our current collection ranges from hand done textures and silk screened designs to multi- colored murals and scenics.