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8207-1309 8207-1405 8207-6129 8207-6515 8207-7310
Helsinki Resolution Beige Helsinki Resolution Taupe Helsinki Resolution Bleu Helsinki Resolution Encre Helsinki Resolution Vert
8207-9530 8203-0121 8203-1103 8203-3106 8203-6132
Helsinki Resolution Noir Helsinki Focale Blanc Helsinki Focale Taupe Helsinki Focale Terracotta Helsinki Focale Bleu
8203-6319 8203-9113 8203-9528 8204-0124 8204-1204
Helsinki Focale Encre Helsinki Focale Gris Helsinki Focale Noir Helsinki Oursin Taupe/Blanc Helsinki Oursin Taupe
8204-7118 8204-9512 8205-0102 8205-1120 8205-6523
Helsinki Oursin Vert Helsinki Oursin Noir Helsinki Hexacube Blanc Helsinki Hexacube Taupe Helsinki Hexacube Encre
8205-7407 8205-9511 8206-1114 8206-1201 8206-7116
Helsinki Hexacube Beige/Vert Helsinki Hexacube Noir Helsinki Oblique Beige Helsinki Oblique Taupe Helsinki Oblique Menthe
8206-9122 8206-9508
Helsinki Oblique Gris Helsinki Oblique Noir
Full of ‘Scandinavian’ chic, these designs stun us with the richness of the brilliantly sophisticated Swedish design codes… Designed on a non-woven paper, the different patterns in this collection belong to an artistically refined decorative ambiance, very precisely designed to be aesthetic, and selecting only the very essence of good taste.